The G-Unity Foundation supports a variety of programs that can demonstrate

Positive Outcomes

for urban kids.

I’ve spent years donating my time and energy to communities in need. I started G-Unity to do the same—to give back to kids so they have it a little easier than I did.

Team building and entrepreneurship are skills I learned along the way, but they are so important to develop early. I look forward to G-Unity supporting programs that are doing the crucial work of teaching kids to excel at life.


A History of Giving

Curtis Jackson

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, is an award-winning rapper, entrepreneur, actor, producer, and philanthropist from Queens, New York. He rose to fame with his record-shattering debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and has since sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

Jackson has leveraged his star power to cross over with unparalleled success as an entrepreneur, actor, producer, and philanthropist. In 2005, he founded G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. which has produced hits like “Power,” which he executive produced, directed, and co-starred in. He currently has the most watched new series on Starz, “’Power Book II: Ghost.”
In April 2020 Jackson released his second book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, which draws lessons from his life experience, among them the importance of developing life skills at a young age. Based on that experience, Jackson founded the G-Unity Foundation in 2003 and has spent nearly two decades helping young people and communities in need thrive.