G-Unity Business Lab

Providing academic and social services to high-school youth residing in high-need communities by delivering a highly-focused, year-long course on entrepreneurship.

The G-Unity Business Lab focuses on three approaches to student success:

Intellectual Innovation

Students are taught to embrace their individual talents and interests.

Strategic Innovation

Students learn to understand the forces driving their operating environment, including emerging trends and issues.

Technological Innovation

Students are encouraged to use technology to engage contributors and stakeholders, and to develop their plans.

The course teaches lessons that coincide with ideas advanced by Curtis’s best-selling book,

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.

The course culminates in an opportunity for the students to present their companies to local and national business leaders in the “Hustle Tank,” where they will compete for seed money to produce their idea or product.

The goal of the program is to arm youth with business acumen so they can start their own companies and achieve generational wealth.

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The Houston Independent School District

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