The Houston Independent School District is the first in the country to pioneer the G-Unity Business Lab.

In 2021, students from Kashmere, Wheatly, and Worthing high schools underwent a rigorous application process. Seventy-five students were chosen for the program and spent the school year engaging in activities and lessons that ran the entire business spectrum, from surrounding themselves with the right people to analyzing cash flow.

The plan was for each school to create five companies, complete with legal entities, mentored by companies like Chase Bank and Microsoft and local companies like Exotic Pop and She’s Happy Hair. At the end of the year, the companies competed in the “Hustle Tank” for seed money to finance their visions. See below for updates.

How do we know it’s working?

  • Students are achieving their first A’s in school

  • Attendance rates are rising

  • Better attitudes are prevailing

Latest News

The inaugural class finished the year strong and survived the Hustle Tank! Shout out to Teen Teach from Kashmere High for winning first place!!

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Dr. Bullard coaches students through our hardest lessons, business and finance.

Wheatley students discussing idea creation.

Kashmere students learning to trust and build with each other before they form their official businesses.

Domischca and Mr. Walker discuss the program’s financial class. We love that Domischca brings her little girl to class, we are starting her young on business literacy!

Student Spotlight

“The Lab has taught me to always take the opportunities I am presented with because I can grow academically, financially, and as a person. The Lab has given me real life experiences on how the business world works and the way people in it function. I have also learned about money and financial choices I should be making in order to grow myself and my business. The Lab is instilling knowledge and growth for me as a person.”

– Keithaisa Hatter

“The lab has boosted my confidence and is teaching me different paths to achieve success.”

– Dunley Sanders

“The G-Unity’s partnership with HISD will help high schoolers achieve their goals and dreams to become entrepreneurs and leaders on campus and in their community. What they learn in the G-Unity Lab will become lessons for a lifetime. As students train to acquire critical skills, they will conceive concepts for business that many of us could have never imagined. The opportunity to engage in MBA-type lessons will take students to the next level as they embrace the ideas of what it takes to launch their own business.”

– Millard House II, HISD Superintendent